Stylo Lifestyle

Stylo aims to launch a chain of multi-category, head to toe ladies fashion stores. First of these concept stores will be launched in May, 2018. Stylo for a very long time has had an aim to transform itself from the No. 1 choice in Ladies Fashion Footwear to the No. 1 choice in Ladies Fashion Wear. These concept sores are a major step toward accomplishing this goal.

Stylo Concept Stores will target middle and upper middle income groups of fashion conscious young Pakistani women, and provide them access to trendy fashion products and accessories of high quality at competitive prices. These stores will be a one stop shop solution to all the fashion needs of Pakistani women.

Our Principles


Enjoy Work
Family Environment
Work-life Balance


Producing Leaders
Leading from the Front
Be the Change you want

Customer Royality

Customer is Royal
Center of Gravity
Premium Customer Service

Continuous Improvement

Invest in Innovation
Latest Technology
Small improvements – Big change

Passion and Vision

Positive Energy
3-H Connection (Head-Heart-Hand)
Live your Dream

Our Story

Today Stylo has become one of the most recognized names in Pakistani footwear industry and has no intention of slowing down. Stylo has around 140 brand outlets in more than 50 cities in Pakistan. An ISO 9001-2000 certified company, the brand never has, nor ever will compromise on quality. A large part of Stylo’s successful journey as a reputable brand has been its ability to stay on top of the trends in a mercurial market. The brand has become quick at anticipating changes in fashion and catering to them with unparalleled swiftness.

A young man from Lahore, Mr. Azhar Hussian Siddiqui, took up a job as a shoe salesmen in Lahore’s famous Anarkali bazaar. His hard work and honesty gained him popularity amongst his team and other salesmen. His good reputation earned him job opportunities at other stores, but being a visionary, Mr. Siddiqui started his own business in 1974 under the name of Bano Chapal with Rs. 174 only. His sincere commitment to his work started paying off and the vision gradually turned into a success story.